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"Our Priority is Equine Safety & Comfort"

Whether your horse is a track record breaker, a ribbon winner, a high dollar breeding investment, your first horse, or considered a member of the family; we treat them all with professional care, dignity, and respect. 

Chasing the Sun (CTS) offers Professional Commercial Horse Transportation with Personal Service. 
Our priority is equine safety and comfort, with focus on Customer Service. 
We are USDOT2188744 / MC903229 Licensed for Hire,
Commercially Insured separately for Trucks as well as Trailers, and Compliant.
Additionally we carry Equine Care Custody Control Insurance to protect our clients from any liability claims from the time a horse enters our trailers to once offloaded at the final destination.
We proudly abide by all DOT and FMCSA rules and regulations.  We have an impeccable maintenance schedule, ensuring our trucks and trailers are maintained in optimum condition.  
Our CDL drivers are also experienced equestrians and provide the quality and care you should expect from an Equine Transport. 
*Legal compliance means trucks should be lettered and marked with DOT/MC numbers. 

CTS understands hiring a transport company for your horse can be a tough, sight-unseen task for many and may cause anxiety for some individuals as this may be a first haul.  We do our very best to work one on one with clients to offer a comfortable and positive experience for not only the horse but, their owner.  Our goal is to provide a high quality service at a fair price while keeping loads smaller.  We reduce risks of injury and horse stress by NOT seeking to fill our trailer to capacity with last minute "fill rates."  Our trailers are designed so we are able to access horses without difficulty; we are able to attend each horse individually in case of an emergency. 

CTS Equine Transport is committed to safe, reliable, top of the line service, and follow National Equine Veterinary transport recommendations.

*We specialize in long distance equine transport and with mare and foals as young as three days old.


Horses travel well in our First Class Custom Built Head to Head straight load Units, ALL HORSE no sleeping quarters.  We took our time to ensure the best in comfort and safety.  Units are double insulated with AC/Heat Climate 2 unit System, additional fans and directional overhead vents, tinted windows, full kick mate and wall padding, Air ride Suspension, poured W.E.R.M flooring, hard wired 9 - camera system with in-cab and smart device 24/7 monitoring and recording, side ramps, rear ramp, 8’x11.5’, 8'x10' and 8’x8' box stallsextra tall 8'8" ceiling height, bright LED lit interior and exterior lighting, hydraulic disc brakes.  The interior is easily converted from 4, 5, or 6 horse head to head with a two box stalls or 4 full wall box stalls. There are many ways to configure this unit which can also be done along the route if needed. 

We always carry a full equine medical kit for treatment of minor injures and stress, electrolytes, and Ulcergard/Gastrogard.  

Customers are kept updated during the transport, horses are given water and quality hay. Our units are cleaned and sanitized prior to, during, and after every trip. Our office has the ability, using smart devices, to view your horses 24/7 in real time in transit and track our units location.  Your horse is video monitored as well as recorded during the entire trip as a safety feature.  We also have a dash cam, side, and rear cameras.  Our trailers have been designed to protect your horse as well as us.  As a bonus...we've even added a stereo speaker system to the two separate horse areas of our largest trailer to help keep horses calm along the route listening to music instead of traffic. 


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