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July 2021


The first few months of the foal's life are vastly important in training the foal to live in both human and equine society. 

At this age we focus on gentle care approximately 15 minutes per day as a foal's attention and positive learning happens within that window of time. Desensitizing by hand walking, brushing, petting head and ears, picking up and holding up feet for balance.   

Proper feeding for coat and body conditioning and proper development is paramount to these foal's future development and athletic success.  We feed McCauley's grain out of Versailles, formulated for our farms needs.      

A foal's experiences with learning situations leave a lasting impression on the foal. If the experiences are positive, the easier the horse will be to handle and train, not only as a yearling and a two-year-old, but for years to come. 

Trusting their handlers makes learning and future training easier and safer for all. 


CTS has gently rolling hills throughout the entire property and pastures; we have focused on pasture freedom for conditioning, fitness, back strength, joint strength and proper bone and muscle growth of our yearlings over the years. Some yearlings are foaled here, staying until they are ready for sale or to start their training careers. Others are brought to us as weanlings or as young yearlings already.

Free lunging in our 30' and 60' round pens with manicured flat grass footing is also done as part of the training of our yearlings to assist with halter schooling, standing square, stopping, backing, walking quietly,  trotting on command and learning respect for personal space.

We start our thoroughbred yearlings slowly with the feel of the Chifney bit and very careful handling.


Thoroughbred breeding season in Kentucky runs approximately from February 15th - June 15th.

CTS provides for broodmares under lights starting in late November/early December.  With onsite veterinary support we help to cultivate a successful next spring.  A systematic approach is taken starting with our assessment of the incoming mare(s) body condition score (ideally between 5-7), local veterinary breeding soundness exams, cycling, breeding and follow up confirmation two weeks later. Clients are kept up to date by the farm and veterinarian office throughout the process to make informed next decisions and diagnose and determine a solution in the case of problem mares.

We extend a 50% discount to our boarding clients for breed shed runs, or AI needs for our non-thoroughbred clients, to local equine hospitals in Lexington, Paris, Georgetown, Versailles, etc. with transport usually costing $300 in early February through June.

While our fields are carefully manicured and maintained we are diligent about limiting the risk of mares eating too much fescue grass. In foal mares are removed from large pasture grazing during the last trimester to avoid endophyte toxicity and red bag delivery.

Mares are camera monitored 24/7 in larger birthing stalls when close to delivery.

Training and Tune up's

Our trainer/manager is an eventer herself and available for training and tune up's for the flat work and hunter jumping needs of yourself and your horse. Call or email us to discuss your needs and reserve the time.


Riding lessons

Lesson availability in August 2021 for children and adults wanting to start for the first time or work with our trainer/manager to improve on ground training and jumping.

Call or email us for details about 1/2 hour and 1 hour lessons privately or for groups.

We do support and love the US Pony Club and welcome day trip or weekend clinic gatherings for local clubs wanting the space for practice eventing and camping.

*See our boarding terms and conditions as the health cert, coggins and vaccination requirements apply to all drive in clients as well


CTS offers forever home retirement for OTTB's and older horses loved by their owners and wanting them to have a beautiful and safe place to live out their days. Basic pasture boarding and limited full care boarding is available depending on the needs of your horse.


A negative coggins, current health certificate and copy of current vaccinations are required on arrival of horse(s).

Please read our Boarding Terms and Conditions before completing a Boarding Contract


Monthly boarding rates start at Basic Pasture Board to Full-Care Indoor Stall Board.  Additional care for Foaling, Broodmare care, Under lights, Breed shed transport, Farrier, Increased Grain and Training is customized by horse owners needs. 

We offer Full or Partial Stall Boarding. We also offer Retirement, Layovers, Training, and Under-Saddle Tune-ups. 

Monthly Board Invoices are due the 1st of the boarding month 

(example April Board is due April 1st)

Please call or email us to discuss services and rates based on your needs.

Annual Vaccinations are required based on AAEP Recommendation Chart for all horses boarding at Chasing The Sun. 
CLICK on AAEP Logo for vaccination charts (at owner's expense)

Vaccinations for ADULT HORSES

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Vaccinations for FOALS

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Board payments made via Paypal / Credit Card are subject to a 3% service fee.