We take pride in providing excellent one on one family style care at affordable prices.  A negative coggins and copy of current vaccinations are required on arrival of horse(s). Please read our Boarding Terms and Conditions before completing a Boarding Contract.


Monthly Board Invoices are DUE the 1st OF THE BOARDING MONTH (example April Board is due April 1st)


Boarding Rates START at $385 for Basic Pasture Board and $540 Full Stall Board per month.  Additional cost for Foaling, Broodmare, under lights,  Breeding Care, Farrier and Increased Grain and Training or larger stalls - all customized according to client needs. 


We offer Full or Partial Stall Boarding, several stall sizes available.  We also offer Broodmare Care, Foaling, Retirement, Training, and Under-Saddle Tune-ups.  Board is customized by horse owners needs.  Please call to discuss services and rates based on your needs.


Annual Vaccinations are required based on AAEP Recommendation Chart for all horses boarding at Chasing The Sun CLICK on AAEP Logo for vaccination charts (at owner's expense)

Vaccinations for ADULT HORSES

Vaccinations for FOALS

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Screenshot (308).png

Board payments made via Paypal / Credit Card are subject to a 3% service fee.