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Farm Policies

~for the health and safety of our horses and guests CTS is a Tobacco and vape free facility



  1. All horses must have a signed CTS Boarding Agreement on file prior to arrival and first month of board paid in full.

  2. All horses must be accompanied by vaccination records on arrival.

  3. All new horses will be isolated for 14 consecutive days following their arrival to monitor their adjustment to the new surroundings and to observe any behavior or wellness issues they might have.  Full-care stall rate of $20 per day applies during this time.

  4. All horses must arrive with and maintain a valid negative coggins.

  5. All horses must maintain a minimum of the following yearly vaccinations: Flu, Rabies, West Nile, and Tetanus/E&W Encephalitis. - At the owners expense. *Flu, EWE, tetanus and West Nile are recommended twice yearly.

  6. Rotating dewormer will be administered every 12 weeks. Fee may or may not apply depending on your board arrangement.

  7. All horses must have their teeth checked on an annual basis and floated as needed. At the owners expense.

  8. All horses must have their feet checked regularly and trimmed as needed. At the owners expense unless stated by CTS as part of board contract. 

  9. Cribbing horses, or horses that continually chew fencing will not be permitted to board at Chasing The Sun

  10. Horses found to have behavioral issues such as biting or kicking which is deemed to be dangerous to others horses or staff will be addressed immediately with the owner to discuss solutions.






  1. You are welcome to visit your horse at any time - no appointment necessary, however we ask that no one visit the farm after dark, before 7AM, on Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving days without prior arrangements.  Sundays are by appointment only.

  2. No dogs are allowed unless a licensed service animal.

  3. You are responsible for your guests. Please make sure they follow all boarding rules.

  4. NO SMOKING / Tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

  5. All gates are to be kept closed and securely fastened.

  6. Cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. This includes harsh training methods and punishments that could result in injury to your horse.

  7. Please park in designated gravel areas only.

  8. No horses should be let loose to graze, roam, etc, always keep control of your horse.

  9. Please keep the barn and tack room neat and organized.

  10. Ride at your own risk, avoid accidents and wear proper riding gear. *ASTM/SEI certified helmets required.






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