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Reviews below were emailed or sent via our website chat; they are copied and pasted. They are not altered, typos and all. 

Thank you to all of our clients past and present!

December 9, 2023

Joe and Team are beyond magnificent in every way.   If you are looking for extra care above and beyond for your horse while traveling - you have come to the right place.  Joe loves the horses he transports with his entire heart and soul - this is not a job for him - it is a way of relating to the world.  Joe makes sure horses come off that trailer happy, healthy, not tired, not hungry, not thirsty, and with ease.  He makes the transition seamless - the airrride, the music, the shavings, the nice box stalls, the cameras, the food, the water, the attention to detail - i could go on and on.  I trust Joe 100% with any horse and know he will always do the right thing for the horse to make the transition as non stressful as possible.  Joe is your guy - look no further at other transport companies - they can’t hold a candle to what Joe and Team bring to the table.

Karen Herzog


October 23, 2023

We do not normally write reviews but feel in this case, recognition is warranted.

Joe transported our family’s four horses from upstate New York to South central Kentucky in early August.  There are not enough words that can be written to communicate our gratitude for the care, kindness, and patience Joe had with this transport.  Joe arrived with a beautiful, clean, and spacious trailer.  He loaded a very old horse with EPM, another elderly horse that is not fond of trailers, and two easy going geldings with more respect and professionalism than we have ever seen with horse transport previously.  

There were some very tight areas in the driveways that caused us concern, but Joe navigated the areas with such skill that any worries were quickly gone.

We were provided with updates regularly, and any questions we had were answered thoroughly.

Our horses arrived at their destination unstressed and in excellent condition.

We will always be grateful for the quality service that was provided to our horses by Chasing The Sun (CTS) Horse Transportation.


Many thanks,

Patty Lemieux and Family

September 1, 2023

I highly recommend Chasing the Sun Equine Transport. Their care and attention towards the horses on the road is outstanding—Joe even fed his own hay to my stallion, because the hay that accompanied him wasn’t up to Joe’s standard! My 23 year old Lipizzaner stallion came off of the truck without any signs of travel stress or loss of weight (coming from Illinois to California), and I attribute this to the careful pace they set on the road (taking rests every night to give the horses a break), along with the fresh water and hay continually offered to him, and the safety-designed box stall he had. Attention to detail, limited extra stops along the routes, experience and willingness to travel anywhere in the United States (many shippers advertise a willingness to go anywhere, but don’t practice it!), fair pricing that doesn’t change after you’ve entered negotiations—for all of these reasons, I would sincerely recommend CTS for land shipping your horse.  

—— written by her own hand, Katherine Schuessler of Northern California

April 4, 2023

I was so pleased with Joe, his wife and team. I had the option to fly my horse from CT to California and in the end I chose not to because of the increased storms and turbulence over the last few weeks and felt that the individual attention I was receiving just in the booking process with Chasing the Sun was what I emotionally needed and my horse. My horse just recovered from Coronavirus and he needed medical care on the trucks and honestly not only did he get it they facetimed me with my horse along the route and when he arrived in California he looked better than he had when done a quick trial trip from NJ to CT a couple weeks earlier. My horse licked me, greeted me and then nuzzled me when he arrived – we’re on day 4 of being here with no issues. I highly recommend Chasing the Sun.

  • Veronica Betts

December 12,2022 


What a great operation you run. My donkey girls arrived safe and well from their very long journey from Ohio to Kentucky to Florida with a vacation at your facility in the meanwhile. Erica and her husband could not have been kinder and more patient with all our questions and concerns.

If you need a reference or if anyone would like to talk to a client, I would be more than happy to speak to anyone singing your praises.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

Robin D. Driskill

November 4, 2022

Hello Joe,
This email comes to you MUCH later than I wanted. I have been wanting to write a review since the day my horse, Bonnie came home but due to some things we had going on I was not in the right mind frame to write the review you deserved. And honestly I am not sure I can fully express how grateful I am in words for the help you gave me. I am from Michigan and you helped me get a horse I bought from Oklahoma to me. I have never used a transport service before and was very hesitant to do so because of lots of horrible stories I had heard of before. I was in need of getting my new young horse to me but I couldn’t do the drive myself. I did lots of research and calling around. You came highly recommended from Mervin at MG horse transports. After contacting you and speaking to you for an extended period of time, I felt like if I was going to use a transport service, you would be who I used. You took the time to get to know me and understand my concerns. You explained how you got started in the business and your care for the horses you haul. The amount of time you took speaking to me and your actions, showed and reassured me that I was not just another business transaction for you, you actually cared what you were doing. The people in Oklahoma I bought my horse from where so grateful I was selective in who was hauling Bonnie for me. They were grateful in getting to know you as well. You made the entire process a wonderful experience on all fronts and I’m so glad to had gotten to know you. I’m truly sorry this email and review was later than I wanted. I want you to know how grateful I am for the time and care you took in getting to know me, my new horse, and making this experience so wonderful. I told all my horse friends about you for future references. If any of us ever need transport, you will be who we all use.
I am so grateful God chose this path for me to help remind me it’s okay to trust.
Thank you Joe,
Bethany and Bonnie.

June 27, 2022

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the transport of the Andalusian Botero from Saratoga Springs UT to my home. Great driver, excellent service!! :)

Marie-France Nolet

May 5, 2022

Hello Joe, this is Marjorie Gaines and Keith Forstell. You picked up our horses today as scheduled and I cannot thank you enough. Dave the driver was excellent with everything. He was able to judge the circular driveway and safely enter the stable. He carefully brought our horses up the ramp. The rig was immaculately clean and inviting. Other horses on board looked relaxed and comfortable. Our horses settled down quickly. I feel 100 percent comfortable leaving our horses in your hands. Dave said he’d call Kathleen in Molena, Georgia so she knows when to expect the horses. I’m not sure if they will be there tomorrow or Saturday? We sent two bales and 2 meals for two horses for you to use. Thank you so much. We hope to set up a visit to CTS and hopefully meet you. I would highly recommend CTS transporting to everyone and anyone.

Sincerely, Marjorie Gaines


April 11, 2022

I am writing another post about Joe Harvey/CTS (Chasing The Sun Equine Transport). Joe did my first transport last year when he brought me a donkey. When she got off his trailer, she was bright & alert and looked great. 

I sold her almost 2 weeks ago and recommended Joe to the buyer who hired him. My donkey left FL & went to OR and the buyer was very happy with Joe.

I just bought another donkey who's in KY and the seller just told me they allow for only a week before pick up must be done before charging me boarding. Joe was already going to be transporting him to me at some point but when I was just told this, and then I told Joe about it, he and one of his drivers agreed to go pick up my new boy this Fri. What a relief!! I am very grateful for this as it makes me feel better!! And because I just had foot surgery and will be bed bound for 2 months, & Joe doesn't know when he will be here so this works out fine as I will be boarding my donkey at Joe's farm, which really helps me a lot.

I can not say enough how honest, and reliable Joe and CTS is! And to know that he is there willing to help me when I need it, gives me such a peace of mind and I know my equine will be well taken care of!!

Liz Devlin

April 2, 2022

I just had my mare delivered. So nice to see her well rested and sound. Joseph Harvey  and Preston Wells were are guys. And on time with much easy communication.Chasing the Sun Transport is very well run and in a  professional way. Wow. They are such nice men, respectful,  polite, they showed my friends and my  mare  this kindness too. Telling fun stories of there life in kentuky. Yes it was a long drive and they handled it with great ease. Like thave done it before. This company has a beautiful huge rig nice and sparkling clean. Inside and out. Preston was nice enough to take myself and a young friend for a tour.fantastic. i will always try and use these shippers for I have had some not so great experiences in the past. I'm so happy to know them.if you have a horse that needs moving I think from about anywhere this is your company. All hugs and handshakes  as they left to eat there dinner. Yes they delivered her first and made sure all was great. Icant thank them enough. Forever grateful Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth Tweten


January 11, 2022


I wanted to make sure to send in a review for your wonderful company!

This was my first experience with shipping a horse and it couldn't have been more excellent. Both Joe & Nate were responsive and caring. I had been trying to get my new horse shipped from SC to CO for about a month. I contacted CTS in November, but they didn't have room until January.  Out of desperation,  I emailed again to check-in. Gwen responded quickly & they were able to pick him up 3 days later- I was so relieved! He arrived on the day promised- healthy & happy! They took extra care of him as a sensitive 1st time traveler.  Additionally, their trailer was clean and roomy! He looked right at home in there. 

Thank you so much! I'll definitely use your company again in the future. 

Dana Adams & Evan


December 10, 2021

Hi Gwen and Joe,

I just wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And thanks again for doing such an incredible transport to me ! 

Gwen, thank you for your patience with me and being so incredibly nice. Joe, thank you for bringing the donkey home to me in such great condition. 

Take care,

Liz Devlin

August 14, 2021

Hi Joe and Gwen,

Apologies for writing this email a week later, but I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for bringing my baby up from Louisiana to Ohio.  There are no words for how thankful I am. After a month of requesting transportation for him from other businesses, you all stepped up to the plate, not only did you respond within the same day, but you even went out of your way to pick him up!!!!  Jimmy was absolutely amazing!!!  Not only was he super sweet as an individual, he was beyond amazing with Calzone!  He was in constant contact with me, played country music for Calzone, dropped him off as calm and beautiful as ever.  For a 2yr old, he walked off the trailer like he had the best vacation EVER:)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you (Joe, Gwen, and Jimmy) for everything!!  I will make sure to recommend you to all of my friends as the best transportation!!

All the best,
Anne Minnello


July 25, 2021

We had the privilege of working with Chasing the Sun horse transportation on two separate occasions this year 2021. We were so impressed with Joe and his assistant’s professional knowledge, kindness, great care of all horses on board. Also they priced the haul so reasonably. We would recommend them to anyone who needed to move a horse or horses across the country.


Grant and Jane Golliher - Diamond Cross Ranch. LLC 


I reached out to them about getting my mare shipped from California to Arizona. They were in the area and ready to pick up in 30 minutes! Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite ready but they actually pulled over, gave me the time I needed, and were absolutely more kind and generous than any company I’ve ever hired. They give a military and first responder discount and use state of the art equipment. They are worth the wait if you can get your horse in their care. They know their business and they are horsemen. This is not a discount operation. They are the real deal. Veteran owned.

Amanda McMaster


I want to give a huge shout-out to Joe and his employees for a incredible experience. I am definitely giving them a Five Star rating!!

They did such a wonderful job with my Friesian Sport horse colt, he looked amazing and relaxed when he arrived after three days hauling from Minnesota to New Mexico. Joe took great care of him and I will definitely be using CTS Equine Transport again as well as referring others!

Silver A Brady


CTS Equine Transport hauled my mare from Arizona to Iowa in the most beautiful, clean and modern custom trailer I’ve ever seen. She hopped off the trailer looking fresh and relaxed. She rode in a box stall and was able to turn around and move during the entire trip. Joe was very responsive to my questions during the trip. I highly recommend Joe and CTS! Thank you!

Susan Carter Brouwer 


I was impressed by how Joe handled my filly and felt reassured that her well being would be looked after. He was promoted with communication and sent me pictures of her arrival. I would recommend him to anyone and I’ll be using CTS again in the future!

Tasha Snoberger

I am so thrilled that I found Joe and CTS Transport! I have hauled several horses and I have to say that Joe and CTS Transport is by far the BEST equine transport company I have ever used. The customer service right from my inquiry to delivering my new horse was outstanding. They communicated with me the entire way (even sent me a picture) and they were on time picking up and delivering my horse to the barn. I would highly recommend CTS Transport to anyone that is looking to haul a horse. As far as I am concerned they are truly the BEST!!!

Anna-Marie Sollinger


I give CTS Equine Transport a 5-star rating! Wonderful service at a very economical price. They go out of their way in caring and transporting your horse with a one-of-a-kind personal touch and 1st rate accomodations. Thank you so much, Joe, for your outstanding work ethic and profesionalism. I am so pleased that my mare, in spite of her antics, made it to her new home in KY and is doing well, PTL. God bless you and your staff.

Kathi & Dave Schaeffer

We were so very pleased with CTS Transport. They had an empty truck except for our little Sully. If they tell you they will deliver they do.Sully was only 6 months old, and he was totally fine the whole trip. He had never traveled before and he was coming to his new home. I was so pleased with how Joe took his time to unload Sully at Sullys pace. He did not rush him and it was dark outside and the ramp was steep. Joe threw some shavings on the ramp because Sully was hesitant to get off. Sully got his nerve up and put one foot on the ramp, Joe still did not rush Sully and was very careful with our new baby. The trailer was very clean and well taken care of. It had many lights on the outside to make unloading the horse safe even in the dark. He had me come inside to check Sully out before unloading him to make sure he was in good shape with no scrapes or injury’s. He had none. Joe was also very accommodating in where and how he delivered Sully. He had to back his huge rig up about 2 blocks and that was fine with him. We have a very curvy driveway with fence on both sides of the lane and we knew that his rig would not make it. So we wanted to get him as close to our barn as possible. We took down 3 rail in the fence and unloaded him in our driveway. CTS Transport came highly recommend from a trainer and friend whom had used them to haul all of there horses to California from Alabama. She was so happy with them. Sully came from Arkansas to Alabama, where they loaded Sully ,Carol the lady I bought Sully from said she really liked them and felt very comfortable with sending Sully down the road to us. If you are reading this know that what they say on there website is true. They treat your horse as if it was their horse. I highly recommend this company for hauling your horse.

Jennifer Bash

So impressed with the service I received when my 4 year old 18 + hands Clydesdale was transported from Illinois to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He had plenty of head room, nice big stall, I was kept up to-date on the progress and sent pictures every morning. Loved the fact that they had a camera on the horses and could watch from the truck. The trailer was super clean with shavings and water was always available for the horses. Would absolutely use their services again, very, very happy!

Bobbie Ann



What a great service and thanks for how wonderful my filly looks after such a long trip! Joe is so nice and so professional. The ride for my horse was top notch. I had great communication along the way. She was relaxed and clearly had been well fed and watered. Joe's trailer is incredible...cameras, climate controlled, air ride. And Joe definitely cares for horses!! This is a fantastic horse transport and I would use CTS again and will be recommending their company. Thanks again.

Lyndra Bills

Thank you Thank you Thank you for delivering my 6 month old warmblood happy, safe and sound! This was a great experience from start to finish. I have never shipped such a young horse and Joe was exactly who I needed. My horse was relaxed and happy from loading to unloading. He had a long journey so he also had to overnight. Because of Joe's phenomenal trailer, my horse was able to stay on the trailer overnight and reduce the stress on him. Not only is it open, air, light and bright, but it also has cameras and is temperature controlled! I could have not asked to find a better ride for my foal and Joe is at the top of my list from now on! Joe truly kept my horse's happiness top of mind, and he was even kind enough to regularly update me which was greatly appreciated! I would highly recommend Joe to anyone needing shipping for their horse.

Ashliegh Dane

Thank you both so very much for your professionalism and care. You delivered me an old warmblood schoolmaster from Kansas to Colorado in the most clean, comfortable, high-tech rig I have ever seen. He clearly approved as he stepped off calm and happy. It is clear you are both knowledgable and you really care about the horses. Thank you so very much. We will see you on the next one.


What excellent and professional service!! CTS Horse Transport arrived on time, exactly as scheduled, to pick up my new horse in Wyoming -- which meant we were able to get to the airport in time for our flight home. Their trailer actually is the one shown online -- immaculate, spacious, comfortable, and climate-controlled with air-ride suspension and super-wide ramps. The box stalls are HUGE! Both drivers were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The horses were purring all over Joe. And, Joe was so extremely gracious that he called me in Wyoming the night before to make sure that we hadn't purchased the second horse we were considering, before he filled the empty stall on his trailer! Truly above-and-beyond! My mare arrived in Chicago as scheduled, and she was calm, happy, and in excellent condition. Their rates were even competitive. I'm very glad that we hired CTS Equine Transport, instead of using our own horse trailer. Thank you!!

Sheri Pellegrini

Luxury travel for my big warmblood! Big beautiful box stall, top of the line rig! I received great updates and photos along the way. Joe is very knowledgeable about horses and a pleasure to work with. Will use them in the future and highly recommend CTS Equine Transport!!!"

Traci Rice

Thank you so much for taking good care of my young horse traveling across the country. He traveled in luxury in a nice box stall! I really appreciate the care you took with him and keeping in touch with me the whole time. Highly recommend!

Maggie H



This was an outstanding reliable company!!The nicest people and our mare was so well taken care of in a spacious clean care for transport.She arrived on time and i. Perfect condition!! Excellent!!!

Iron Horse

I would like to thank you for doing a great job transporting a horse I sold to his new owner.  He shipped from California to SC and arrived in beautiful condition - both mentally and physically.  As a veterinarian and breeder, I was very impressed with the thought and care you put into your work shipping horses.  I would highly recommend you for any horses I sell in the future who require transportation.


CTS transported my daughter's horse from Phoenix, AZ to Richmond, NH. Freckles came off the trailer looking like his cross country trip was just a jaunt around the block! Not tucked up from not drinking & very interested in his new surroundings and all the other horses here. Horses do not come off trailers in such great condition without quality care being offered frequently! The trailer was beautiful & designed for the horses comfort. Joe kept in touch with my daughter daily & even though we had never met Joe, we never worried. I highly recommend CTS transport!!!!!

Kathy Livingston

Joe did a great job transporting our two Irish Draught girls from CA to KS. They arrived in good shape and our pregnant mare very relaxed. I really appreciated the daily updates on how they were doing and the photo's that were sent, it made the whole experience less stressful. I highly recommend Joe to transport your precious cargo :)

Simone Mackay

Chasing the Sun transport did a outstanding job delivering our 2015 show babyTo the East coast ! Everything from start to finish was great 5 star operation Thanks Bebo Quarter Horses Redfield S Dak

Bruce Bebo

Joe did a great job of bringing my 2 Belgian drafts from OH to AZ. One was in foal and he got them there on time and in great condition! I highly recomment Joe!


I was extremely impressed with Chasing the Sun, LLC I got 2x daily updates during the trip, with pictures.  When they got here, I saw how gentle they were with him.  My horse hesitated coming off the trailer, to a new place.  Joe was very patient, and sweet talked him until he was ready to step out.


Thank you Joe Harvey, at Cts Equine Transport for transporting Society Rose to her new home near Nashville, TN. The new owner messaged me and said he got pics of her on the trailer this morning and she is traveling in style in a box stall.  Thank you so much for making shipping horses hassle free and not so stressful.  I would highly recommend them and plan to do business with them again as well.


I highly recommend Joe and team!  They got my new mare from Phoenix to Nashville, and she looked perfect coming off the trailer.  I plan to call them again any time I need horse transport.  You can't go wrong with Chasing the Sun!


Joe is an absolute class act!!! He is very professional and accommodating with your needs! He is also very reasonable in his pricing! I would HIGHLY recommend Joe and CTS Transport to anyone looking to ship a horse! Thanks for everything, Joe!


Joe was so great to work with! He had to make a special trip through the mountains to pick up our mare and foal to get them from Colorado to Kentucky. His trailer is top notch and it was so great to get pictures and updates throughout the trip. He took amazing care of them! I would highly recommend him for hauling precious cargo!



This is the second time I've used Joe for hauling. And I will never use another hauler again. Joe does everything possible to make sure you and your horse are comfortable. I got regular updates with pictures. When Derby got to AZ from KY, he was healthy looking, his stall was clean, and he looked happy. I have had bad experiences in the past, so I truly believe that having a horse person caring for your horse makes all the difference.

Jill Embry

What a great job of hauling our Race horses. Took their time with the horses, it was nice to see someone putting them first!!


I was very pleased with the service I received with Chasing the Sun transport. We received an OTTB from Kentucky to his new home here in Wisconsin. Mr Harvey communicated well, and sent pictures as to our horses' condition. He arrived on time and without incident. Thank you for your loving care for our beautiful new boy!


Joe and Steve did an awesome job today bringing my horse and pony from Georgetown, Kentucky to Pittsburgh PA. Treated them like their own and arrived in great shape. The trailer was clean and safe. Took a lot off my mind during a stressful time. Thanks!

Julie Dugas

I just had an extremely positive experience using Joe at CTS Transport to pick up and deliver a horse for me. He is extremely professional, patient, accommodating, and actually cares about your equine companion. He is a horseman which is a plus in my book. He understands equine behavior and is focused on safety. I would highly recommend his transport service.

Jeanice Nelson

What an Awesome Dransport Company! The owners are of outstanding Character, Truck and Trailer is New and Very Clean and they Monitored My Mule the entire trip! Joe talked to me with updates during the trip, even letting me know how much she was eating and drinking! When we received her, she was in excellent condition! I highly recommend CTS Transport, they treat you animal as if it were their own!


I must say, Mr. Harvey and Chasing the Sun Stables Equine Transportation has again outdone themselves. I have nothing but praise for their ability, their caring, they attention to detail. Mr. Harvey is now also providing "Lay-up" for my new TB Mare. Definitely a FINE and Trustworthy set of services are provided. More than Glad to have found this individual! Thank You again for all you do! And all you have done!

Stacey Meyer


I cannot say enough about Mr. Harvey and his transportation services. He will come highly recommended from Us. Professionalism, high regard for the animals in his possession to delivery, Safety, I cannot find Fault. Again, HIGHLY Recommended Shipper.

Stacey Meyer

Great thanks to Joe for transporting my horses from Colorado to Minnesota.  Horses arrived  safely and comfortably, and were well-cared for enroute.  Stalls were ample and truck and trailer well-maintained.  I highly recommend him.

Maria W.

Joe, with Chasing The Sun Stables did a wonderful job transporting my Arabian and Walker from Tucson, AZ to Gardner, Colorado.  They are both senior horses, and Joe was very sensitive to their care and needs.  If I were a horse, Chasing the Sun horse transport would be the only way to travel. God Bless Our Troops and "God Bless America." Thank you, Joe.

Lori & John Jordan

Joe did an amazing job bringing my Draft Cross and her two week old foal from the snow of CO to the sun of AZ. His truck was awesome and had more than enough room for both of them. I have used other horse transportation companies but will only use Joe and Chasing the Sun going forward.

Michelle Leance

REVIEWS above are quoted from emails received or through our website chat from clients.

All clients who have left reviews on Facebook for ChasingTheSunStables and CTS Equine Transport can be contacted via Facebook.

We are also happy to provide a list of references; please call or email us.


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